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Our Services

Hearing Aid Fitting

At Norvell’s Hearing Aid Center, we’ll find the best hearing aid that fits you and suits your level of hearing loss. Many hearing aids can reproduce high-fidelity sound, but if they don’t fit comfortably, then they just aren’t right. Get the right hearing aid – right here!

Hearing Aid Repair

Like any delicate electronic incident, hearing aids can break. Here, we can replace your batteries, casing, and small components – allowing you to get back to hearing again as soon as possible.

Hearing Protection

If you’re a musician, a construction worker, or a truck driver – or one of several other professions – you’re probably aware that hearing loss is endemic in your industry. It’s much easier to prevent hearing loss than it is to restore it, so come to Norvell’s Hearing Aid Center for custom hearing protection.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus sufferers complain of a constant roaring, ringing, clicking, or hissing sound in their ears. This is usually due to exposure to loud noises, head injury, or even allergies and medication. What’s more, it can be treated, either by using advanced hearing aids or “maskers” that cancel out the sound. Find out what treatment is right for you!

Ear Wax Management

One of the most common causes of temporary hearing loss is nothing more than a buildup of earwax. Earwax can be persistent – and heavy buildups will resist syringing or hydrogen peroxide (note: never use a Q-tip to clean your ears). A professional ear cleaning can save your hearing without the expense of a hearing aid – try us today!


Do you struggle to hear in areas where a speaker is talking from a long distance away – settings such as a church, a lecture hall, or a performing arts arena? Ask them to install a looping system. A looping system will automatically capture the sounds from an area microphone and broadcast them into your ears, allowing you to enjoy social settings once again.

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